The BC Pet Registry is the only non-profit pet registry that is determined to achieve social change. With your support, we can enhance the lives of many domestic animals in the country.


Sign-up with us today and once approved for an account you can:

  • Purchase ISO-certified microchips from the BC Pet Registry at discounted pricing
  • Register animals with the BC Pet Registry
  • Register any type of microchip numbers in our database (i.e. microchips from overseas)
  • Search animals in the BC Pet Registry database
  • Reunite lost animals with pet owners

No extra cost for registering any microchip types.

No extra cost for animal ownership transfers.

You will not be asked to purchase any other services.

Why BC Pet Registry?

1. Made in BC, used nation-wide

The BC Pet Registry is the only non-profit pet identification (ID) database in Canada.

2. Centralized Database

Multiple forms of ID: microchips (including chips from overseas), tattoo codes, and city license can be registered in one spot.

3. 24/7 Coverage

Our call centre phone line operates 24/7 to ensure no time is wasted in getting a missing pet back home.

4. Non-Profit

All proceeds go directly towards enhancing life of domestic animals and outreach programs in participating communities.

5. Paperless Records

Streamline all processes online. No more mailing or faxing in paper forms while still traceable by vet/shelters worldwide.

6. Internationally Recognized

Travel with confidence! All microchips registered with us are internationally traceable at


On January 1st, 2018 the BC Pet Registry assumed administration of the Provincial Tattoo Identification Program from the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia (CVBC). Originally created in 1987, the Tattoo Identification Program continues to help identify lost or missing pets in Canada.

Veterinarians and shelters can use our BC Pet Registry Provincial Tattoo Identification Program Guide below, to trace the pet’s tattoo.

Registering Tattoos with the BC Pet Registry

Veterinarians have the option to register tattoos with the BC Pet Registry’s online permanent pet ID database. Any microchip, tattoo, or license can be registered online with an Industry Account. Registering permanent ID with the BC Pet Registry is highly recommended to provide pets with the best chance of being reunited with their guardians should they become lost.

Please note that this is an optional registration and is not required. Paper records can still be maintained at the clinic or hospital for tattoos.

Veterinarians and shelters can use our BC Pet Registry Provincial Tattoo Identification Program document to trace a pet’s ear tattoo:

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Effective August 1st, 2024

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