Increasing access to veterinary services – thanks to Island Rescue Veterinary Society (IRVS)

The BC Pet Registry is proud to announce that IRVS is another proud recipient of the BC Pet Registry grant program. Microchips are donated to support this very important initiative in order to ensure the animals under their care are protected with a permanent form of identification as well as registration. 

Island Rescue Veterinary Society aims to find and fund veterinary services for animal rescue organizations on Vancouver Island. One of the biggest animal welfare concerns today is access to veterinary care. Funds raised by IRVS will act to subsidize what animal rescue organizations can afford, enabling them to pay market price for services from local veterinary clinics. In this way, IRVS hopes to model a new, sustainable, win-win relationship between rescues and vet clinics. This will help to increase veterinary access for stray, surrendered, and feral animals, as well as those from low-income households. Our founding member organizations include CatSpan Ferals registered charity, CatNap registered charity, Ziggy’s fostering and adoption network, Amy’s Bunny Barn, and the Parksville/Port Alberni branches of the SPCA. IRVS is also working with Fantastic Beasts Veterinary Services in Parksville to model this sustainable partnership. 

For more information about IRVS, please visit:

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