3.5 months later, 150 km journey, missing cat reunited with dad – thanks to the microchip!

Cat missing for months found safe in Nanaimo, 150 km from where it was lost

What was meant to be a fun, family road trip turned into an adventurous journey for a cat named Hobbes from Victoria. After 3.5 months, Hobbes was found in Nanaimo, 150 km away from the Kennedy Lake camp site where he went missing.

It all happened due to an unexpected incident. Wendy Kotorynski, senior manager of the Nanaimo branch of the BC SPCA , explained. 

“Unfortunately, they both kind of stepped out of the car at the same time, and at that very same time a dog ran up, barking to the truck and scared the cat. So poor Hobbes just took off out of the truck,” Kotorynski said.

“The owner and his son, they stayed to camp in their vehicle for six days searching for him and even paddled out into the lake to search the shoreline and look for Hobbes and they didn’t see him at all. So, they eventually had to go back down to Victoria and just hope that Hobbes might be found.”

How did Hobbes get found you may ask? While Hobbe’s family has almost given up hope, Hobbes has already made his way to Nanaimo where he meow-ed his way into a good Samaritan’s home. Courtney Irving, the finder, explained that Hobbes showed up at her front door and looked like he was seeking for help. Thank you to Irving and her kind heart, not only did she provide Hobbes with food, water and shelter for the night, she took Hobbes to BC SPCA Nanaimo branch to get help the next day.

Luckily, Hobbes had a microchip with his family’s information up-to-date when the shelter staff scanned him.

“It’s the best way to be able to find your pet so once you register your pet with the BC Pet Registry, then it doesn’t matter if you move or even if you’re travelling with your pets, that animal can be scanned even internationally in North America,” Kotorynski said. “If you provide your address and keep it updated whenever you move, it’s just absolutely key to these reunifications.”

“He’s in good condition, he wasn’t injured or anything like that,” Kotorynski said. “He just needs to put on a little bit of weight and be spoiled a little bit, spoiled and loved and well fed.”

Another happy tail to tell! This is a friendly reminder to all the lovely finders of strays and lost animals, to always bring the animal to a vet or shelter for a scan because you will never know maybe many, many kilometers away, if there is a family waiting for their furry member to come home. Moreover, for pet owners out there, do not forget to register your pet’s microchip and keep your contact information up-to-date.

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