3 Reasons to Check Your Microchip | National Check the Chip Day

Microchipping your beloved pet is a crucial step in ensuring their safety and your peace of mind. However, simply having a microchip implanted isn’t enough; regular check-ups are essential to ensure the microchip is working effectively and increasing the chances of reuniting with your furry friend if they ever go missing. In honor of National Check the Chip Day, we’re sharing three compelling reasons why you should make it a priority to verify the status of your pet’s microchip.

1. Ensure Microchip Readability: Microchips offer an invaluable lifeline to your pet’s safe return, in very rare occasions, these tiny devices the size of a grain of rice, may shift or become rejected by the body. Regularly checking your pet’s microchip can prevent potential issues that might arise from their relocation within the body. The last thing you’d want in a moment of crisis is for the microchip to be difficult or impossible to scan, hindering the reunion process. Schedule microchip assessments during your annual vet visits to guarantee that the microchip remains in an optimal position and is easily scannable.

2. Connect to a Registry: A microchip is only as effective as the information it holds. If your pet’s microchip is not connected to a registry, the purpose of microchipping is defeated. Imagine your pet being found, but the finder, vet or shelter staff is unable to trace you because your contact information is not connected to the microchip number. This unfortunate scenario can lead to extended stays in shelters or unfamiliar environments, causing undue stress to your pet. Login to your microchip registry account at least once to confirm that your contact information is present, accurate and up-to-date. By doing so, you significantly enhance the chances of reuniting with your pet swiftly.

3. Update Contact Information: Life is dynamic, and your contact details might change over time. Be sure to routinely verify and update your contact information within the microchip registry. Additionally, consider including co-owner information and emergency contact numbers to further expedite the reunion process. Having multiple layers of contact can enhance the likelihood of a swift response if your pet is found. National Check the Chip Day serves as an annual reminder to review and update your information, reinforcing the bond you share with your pet and ensuring their safety.

Microchipping is an investment in your pet’s security and well-being. However, to fully reap its benefits, regular maintenance and attention are crucial. As you commemorate National Check the Chip Day, remember the three essential reasons to regularly inspect your pet’s microchip: ensuring its readability, connecting it to a registry, and updating your contact information. By following these practices, you’re taking proactive steps to enhance the chances of reuniting with your furry friend, should they ever become lost. Happy National Check the Chip Day!

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