Lost Pet Reunion: Norman’s Reunion Thanks to Pet Microchipping Magic

The moment a beloved pet goes missing is a pet owner’s worst fear. Yet, in the digital age, a tiny device offers a glimmer of hope: the pet microchip. While implanting a microchip is a vital step toward safeguarding our furry friends, the true effectiveness of this technology hinges on one critical action from you, the owner—Updating pet microchip information.

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Norman's Lost Pet Reunion Thanks To Microchipping and The BC Pet Registry

Imagine this: Norman, a fluffy feline, embarked on an unexpected adventure. The result? A heartwarming Lost Pet Reunion story thanks to microchipping! ❤️

Facing the stormy days, the sky cried. It’s like someone poured buckets and buckets of water down. Loud sounds went “BOOM!” Poor Norman found himself amidst a stormy challenge, looking for his way home. It’s super scary, isn’t it?

Lost Pet Without a Name Tag Is Almost Impossible To Find, But Not In Norman’s Case 😇

Norman was really scared. He didn’t have a collar or a little badge to tell people who he was or where he stayed, he was like a little lost adventurer without a map! But, don’t worry, his Lost Pet Reunion story was just about to get magical! 🌟

The Magic Behind Pet Microchipping
Norman's Lost Pet Reunion Thanks To Microchipping and BC Pet Registry.– Pets can slip a collar, but they cannot slip a microchip.

One day, a super kind person found Norman in their backyard. They thought, “Hey, this kitty looks lost!” So, they took him to BC SPCA Kelowna community animal center (a place where nice people help animals)🤗. They used a magic wand (okay, it’s not really magic, but it’s super cool!) to check if Norman had a tiny chip inside him. And guess what? He did!! 😍

BC Pet Registry to the Rescue!
– Canada’s first centralized database to help reunite lost pets with the anxious guardians

Thanks to this tiny chip and his responsible guardian who kept their information up to date inside BC Pet Registry, they can pinpoint who Norman was! It’s like when you lose your toy and then find your name written under it. This chip is super small, like a grain of rice! But it’s like a superhero for lost pets. Within seconds, they were able to contact Norman’s family thanks to BC Pet Registry’s robust database. Can you imagine how happy Norman’s family was when they heard: “We’ve found your cat, Norman!”?

Just how did they know it was Norman?
– BC Pet Registry keeps a list of all pets with these magical microchips. This makes Lost Pet Reunions possible, and the process is getting progressively more efficient day after day!

Every Pet Needs a Microchip

Norman's Lost Pet Reunion Thanks To Microchipping and BC Pet Registry

Collars can be lost, but Microchipping stays, always ensuring the possibility of a Lost Pet Reunion. During Norman’s adventure that was the only way that he was able to reunite with this family. It could make a difference in being able to safely have your lost pet return home.

Keep Updated with BC Pet Registry

Having the right details on BC Pet Registry makes the reunion swift and smooth.

Since Norman’s information was registered, and up-to-date in the BC Pet Registry database, he was able to quickly return home. Can you imagine how many lost pets were not able to return home before this technology existed? With BC Pet Registry and Microchipping combined, Norman’s reunion became a tale to remember. This is why microchipping is a game-changer.

Norman and his family hugged and cuddled in no time. 🤗 It was the best day ever!

The Importance of BC Pet Registry in Lost Pet Reunion

Every pet deserves a safety net. BC Pet Registry and Microchipping provide just that, turning stories of loss into tales of joyful Lost Pet Reunions. If you have a pet, make sure they have a microchip. And tell BC Pet Registry about it! It’s like a safe code to help your pet if they get lost.

Storms can be scary, but they can also bring good things. Like Norman’s adventure, which showed us how important microchips are. Remember, after every storm, there’s a rainbow! 🌈

Be a Part of the 80% Responsible Owners

If you are unsure of your pet’s registration status and you would also like to support the BC SPCA and its community, there is no harm in directly registering with us. All you need is the microchip number and/or tattoo code to start the online registration process. For a small, one-time fee of $45, your pet will be protected for a lifetime and you will have contributed to supporting the life-saving work of the BC SPCA.


Why should I microchip my pet?
Because it’s like giving them a special badge that always stays with them, even if they lose their collar.

Is the microchip big?
Nope! It’s as tiny as a grain of rice.

Why is Microchipping crucial?
Because it’s the difference between Lost Pet and Lost Pet Reunion!

Does the microchip hurt the pet?
No, it’s like a quick pinch, and then they forget all about it!

What’s the BC Pet Registry?
It’s a special secret place (a robust database) that keeps all the information about pets’ identities with microchips, so they can be found and reunited with their family if they get lost.

How do I register on BC Pet Registry?
Click here to register. Simply add your pet’s microchip details to the list, and you’re good to go!

What if I move?
It is highly recommended to update your details on BC Pet Registry to ensure a quick Lost Pet Reunion if needed!

How can I help lost pets like Norman?
If you see a lost pet, take them to a safe place and check for a microchip. And always keep your pet’s info updated in the BC Pet Registry.

Five days. 

That’s how long Norman, a charming domestic short hair, was lost in the wild labyrinth of Kelowna’s neighborhoods. While he was lost, the weather was not friendly to him. There were thunderous roars echoing through the valley, each booming echo more terrifying than the last, and relentless downpours that turned the once familiar streets into a cold, inhospitable landscape. 

Norman's Lost Pet Reunion Thanks To Microchipping and BC Pet Registry.

Norman had always been a homebody, but in this fateful week, he found himself a reluctant adventurer with no collar or ID tags to identify him. Despite the grim circumstances, Norman‘ story became a heartening testament to the efficacy of modern technology in pet care and the unwavering dedication of the BC SPCA Kelowna community animal center. 
On the fifth day of his unexpected odyssey, Norman was discovered by a compassionate neighbor wandering through their backyard. Recognizing that the feline was lost, they swiftly brought him to our animal center. Upon his arrival, our experienced staff scanned Norman for a microchip – and the hitherto anonymous cat suddenly had an identity. 

Norman's Lost Pet Reunion Thanks To Microchipping and The BC Pet Registry

Our team was able to immediately pull up Norman‘s records and found a contact number for his worried family. Within a minute, the owners were contacted. The call was one of relief, gratitude, and anticipation. Norman‘ family had been looking for him tirelessly, their worry compounded by the ominous thunder and torrential rain. Now, they were going to be reunited with their beloved pet, all thanks to a small piece of technology embedded under his skin. 
This real-life reunion story underlines the critical importance of microchipping our pets and registering them with the BC Pet Registry. The tiny, grain-sized device had made the difference between a prolonged separation and an expedited reunion. It’s an assurance, a beacon of hope that transcends the traditional limitations of collars or ID tags, which can easily be lost or removed. 

Keeping the pet’s contact information on the BC Pet Registry up to date is equally crucial. Had the information been outdated, the outcome might have been very different. Their foresight ensured a joyful reunion with Norman, reaffirming the difference current contact information can make. 
All our BC SPCA community animal centers and BC Pet Registry veterinary and shelter partners are committed to reuniting lost pets with their families, but we need your help to do so effectively. Make sure your pet is microchipped and register their microchip with the BC Pet Registry. Keep your contact details updated. In doing so, you make it possible for stories like Normans to have a happy ending, regardless of the storms they may face. 
Remember, not every thunderstorm leads to a gloomy tale; some roar to herald a joyous reunion. Have you registered your microchip with the BC Pet Registry yet?

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