Building a Safer Community for Pets and Owners Across Canada

At the BC SPCA Pet Registry, our mission extends beyond individual pet safety; we strive to build a robust community of responsible pet owners across Canada. Through our comprehensive programs and initiatives, we are setting new standards in pet ownership and safety, reinforcing the bond between pets and their families.

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The BC SPCA Pet Registry: More Than Just a Database

As a program of the BC SPCA, the BC SPCA Pet Registry is not just a database for microchipped pets. It’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to safeguard pets through advanced technology and active community engagement with the vast network of the BC SPCA. Our mission is to create a network that not only enhances the welfare of pets but also supports pet owners throughout their journey of responsible pet ownership.

How Pet Microchip ID Works

BC Pet Registry Pet Microchip

Pet microchip ID is the cornerstone of our strategy to improve pet safety. This system is simple yet effective: a tiny chip, when scanned, reveals the identity of a pet and their owner’s contact details contained within our robust database nation-wide. This crucial technology drastically reduces the time it takes to reunite lost pets with their families, ensuring that every moment counts. Learn more about how this life-saving technology works on our How Pet Microchip Works page.

The Integral Role of Veterinary Professionals

A veterinarian from Douglas College implanting a microchip in a pet, symbolizing the partnership with BC Pet Registry

Veterinary professionals are crucial to our success. Their expert handling of microchipping and their commitment to educating pet owners are vital to our community’s safety. Their involvement ensures that microchipping is not just a procedure but a gateway to educating the public about its benefits, as detailed in our insights with AnimalKind in this article.

Collaborative Efforts with Educational Institutions

A veterinarian from Douglas College implanting a microchip in a pet, symbolizing the partnership with BC Pet Registry

Our partnership with educational institutions like Douglas College is a testament to our commitment to the future of veterinary care and pet safety. By providing microchips for veterinary students, we not only enhance their training but also cultivate a culture of innovation and responsibility. These future professionals learn the importance of pet identification and community safety firsthand, ensuring they carry these values into their careers. Discover more about this partnership and its impact here.

Success Stories: The Magic of Microchips

The effectiveness of our registry is highlighted through countless success stories where pets have been safely reunited with their owners. These stories not only serve as powerful testimonials but also motivate more pet owners to participate in our registry, recognizing the undeniable benefits of microchipping. Explore how a tiny chip can keep your pet safe here.

Join Our Community Today

We call on all pet owners to join the BC SPCA Pet Registry. Registering your pet is a straightforward step that signifies a commitment to a safer, more responsible pet community. By joining, you not only safeguard your pet but also support a broader movement dedicated to improving pet care across the nation. Register easily online through our registration page.

To make this even more accessible, we are hosting a microchip implantation and scanning event at the Tri-Cities BC SPCA on Sunday, June 2nd. This event is designed to break down financial barriers, ensuring that all pet owners have the opportunity to protect their pets with a microchip. For more details, visit our Facebook post.

Conclusion: A Nationwide Commitment to Pet Safety

BC Pet Registry - The Most Robust Pet Microchip Registry in North America

The BC SPCA Pet Registry is more than just a program; it’s a community-driven initiative that seeks to transform pet safety and ownership across Canada backed by the BC SPCA. By participating in our initiatives, you ensure your pet’s safety and join a nationwide effort to elevate pet protection standards.

Be a Part of the 80% Responsible Owners

If you are unsure of your pet’s registration status and you would also like to support the BC SPCA and its community, there is no harm in directly registering with us. All you need is the microchip number and/or tattoo code to start the online registration process. For a small, one-time fee of $45, your pet will be protected for a lifetime and you will have contributed to supporting the life-saving work of the BC SPCA.


Q: Why should I microchip my pet?

Microchipping is a reliable and permanent method of ensuring your pet can be identified quickly and returned safely if lost. It is an essential part of responsible pet ownership.

Q: How do I update my contact details in the registry?

Updating your contact details is crucial to the effectiveness of the registry. You can easily update your information online to ensure continuous protection for your pet.

Q: How can I participate in community events?

Keep an eye on our website and subscribe to our newsletters for updates on community events where you can learn more about pet safety, meet other pet owners, and participate in workshops and activities.

Q: Is the BC SPCA Pet Registry only for residents of British Columbia?

No, the BC SPCA Pet Registry is available to all pet owners across Canada. Regardless of where you live, you can register your pet and be part of our nationwide network dedicated to pet safety.

Q: What should I do if my pet goes missing?

If your pet goes missing, immediately contact local animal shelters and veterinarians to inform them. Ensure your contact details are up-to-date in the BC SPCA Pet Registry, as this will facilitate a quick recovery if your pet is found and scanned for a microchip.

Q: How does microchipping help during emergencies?

In emergencies, having your pet microchipped ensures that if they are separated from you, animal shelters and veterinary clinics can quickly identify and contact you through the registry, facilitating a faster reunion.

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