How a Tiny Chip Can Keep Your Pet Safe: The Magic of Microchip Registries

Owning a pet is the biggest adventure in life – filled with cuddles, playtime, and sometimes, a bit of worry, especially when our furry friends decide to run off and go on a curious journey outside without you noticing. That’s where a microchip registry, like the BC Pet Registry, comes in. It’s like a safety net, ensuring that if our pets wander off, they have a chance of coming back home! Let’s see why this tiny chip is so important and how it works to protect our beloved pets.

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Microchip Registry: Your Pet’s Safety Net

A joyful pet reunion thanks to microchip registry

Imagine a tiny chip, no bigger than a grain of rice, that can help your lost pet find its way back to you. That’s what a microchip does! It’s placed under your pet’s skin (it’s quick and hurts about as much as getting a light pinch), and it has a special number used for pet identification on it. This number is like your pet’s ID, and when a vet or shelter finds a lost pet, they can scan this chip to get that number. The cool part? If you’re registered with a pet registry like us, The BC Pet Registry, this number tells them how to contact you on the spot!

Remember To Register After Getting Your Pet Microchipped

Thinking it all too complicated? It’s actually pretty easy, and here’s why you really shouldn’t skip any step, especially the registration. During our local events, in a study we conducted in collaboration with Bosley’s Pet Supplies, we discovered something startling: 20% of pets that were microchipped hadn’t been registered in any database! 🙀 This means that even though these pets have a microchip, if they get lost, the chances of them being reunited with their owners are slim. It’s like having a safety lock but not locking it. Here’s a simple breakdown to ensure your pet is not just microchipped but also safely registered!:

BC Pet Registry - The Most Robust Pet Microchip Registry in North America
  • Get the Microchip: Schedule an appointment with your vet to place a microchip in your pet. This tiny chip is a big step towards ensuring your pet’s safety.
  • Register It: Sign up with the BC Pet Registry, adding your pet’s chip number and your contact info. This step is crucial; without it, the microchip is just a number with no link back to you. Our study with Bosley’s Pet Supplies underscores the importance of this step – don’t let your pet be part of the 20% that’s microchipped but not registered.
  • Keep It Updated: Life changes, and so do phone numbers and addresses. If you move or get a new phone number, update your info on the registry. Keeping your contact information current is just as important as the initial registration. If your pet gets lost, you want to make sure the registry has the right info to get in touch with you immediately.

The BC Pet Registry: Trusted Pet Microchip Registry in Canada

So, what makes us, the BC Pet Registry, stand out? It’s all about our heart for pets and their owners. We’ve got a big, secure database and vast network around the country that helps connect lost pets with their families, and we do it fast. Here’s what we offer:

  • Quick Contact: Find a lost pet? A quick scan reveals the owner’s contact info.
  • Keeping Your Info Safe: We make sure your personal details are locked up tight, only used when needed to help find your pet.

More Than Just Finding Lost Pets

Microchipping and registering does more than help lost pets get found, like Cleo and Norman. It also:

  • Make Travel Easier with Peace of Mind: If you’re going places with your pet, having a microchip can make the trip smoother, as anything can happen unexpectedly. 
  • Give You Peace of Mind: Knowing there’s a way to help find your pet if they get lost, and the BC Pet Registry will provide the information for your lost pet to get in contact with you.


Having a pet is one of the best things, but it comes with the responsibility of keeping them safe. The microchip registry is a powerful tool that cannot be missed in making sure your lost pet can find their way back to you. It’s easy, effective, and the BC Pet Registry is here to help every step of the way. Let’s make sure our pets have this safety net. It’s a small step for their safety and a big leap for their chance of getting home.

Bosley's Pet Stores and BC Pet Registry - Pet Microchip Awareness Event

Be a Part of the 80% Responsible Owners

If you are unsure of your pet’s registration status and you would also like to support the BC SPCA and its community, there is no harm in directly registering with us. All you need is the microchip number and/or tattoo code to start the online registration process. For a small, one-time fee of $45, your pet will be protected for a lifetime and you will have contributed to supporting the life-saving work of the BC SPCA.


Q: Does it hurt to get a microchip?
It’s quick and pretty much like getting a shot. Pets handle it well.

Q: Can I track where my pet goes with the chip?
No, it doesn’t work like GPS, but it does help anyone who finds your pet get them back to you.

Q: Do microchips last a long time?
Yes, they’re made to last your pet’s whole life.

Q: What if I move?
Just update your info in the registry. It’s important to keep it current.

Q: Can any vet or shelter scan the chip?
Yep, vets and shelters everywhere have the scanners for these chips.

Q: How much does it cost?
There’s a small fee to register. Check out for the latest info.

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