Why Permanent Identification?

A small but important detail that many may have missed.

It is important to ensure your cats have some sort of permanent identification. Nobody plans to lose their pet, but all it takes is an open door or a loud noise for our little escape artist to lose their way. For those who have indoor-outdoor cats, imagine that he gets picked up by a kind-hearted finder thinking that he’s a stray or a lost kitty – without a permanent ID, animal control officers may not be able to find your contact information and return him to you. Prepare for the unexpected! There are 3 different ways pets can be identified: microchip numbers, tattoo codes and municipal licenses. However, the most reliable form of permanent identification is microchipping. Tattoo codes tend to fade over time. Cats can slip their collar, but they can’t slip a microchip!   


A microchip is a form of permanent ID that identifies your pet should they become lost. It is about the size of a grain of rice and provides your pet with lifetime protection. Each microchip has a unique ID number assigned only to your pet and is easily implanted by a veterinarian.  Once registered, your pet’s microchip can be scanned by veterinarians and animal shelters anywhere to verify their identity and guardian.  For registration of your pets with microchips, please visit the BC Pet Registry, a program by the BC SPCA: https://bcpetregistry.ca  


Go to American Animal Hospital Association to see if it is linked to a pet registry. Important detail – a microchip is only beneficial if your contact information can be found in the online database. If you cannot find your cat’s registry there, then your cat is unprotected!


The BC Pet Registry is a program operated by the BC SPCA; it mission is to reunite lost pets with their guardians. Even if your pet has a microchip already, you can still register your pet’s existing microchip number with the BC Pet Registry – the province’s only database.   The BC SPCA has over 40 locations and a 24/7 call center in the province which helps reunite lost animals with their guardians in a timely fashion. All proceeds remaining from the program go towards the life-saving efforts of the BC SPCA.  LEARN MORE HERE: How it Works – BC Pet Registry

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